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Cursors For Your Tumblr, Blog, Website, & Windows Computer Mouse!

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Exclusive Transparent Cursors and Outer Glow

Date: 17 Dec 2008, 13:54 By Tor With 0 Comments
8 cool transparent cursors set at 50% transparency and 8 cool cursors with transparent outer glows that match their colors. So a total of 16 cursor pointers. These are really cool IMO. You don't see many transparent cursors, so I decided that I would add some. These are only at Cursors-4U because we pimp like that ~_^

They all went in the "Cursors/Pointer" section of our site.

I will be adding a ton of modified cursors in the coming days. These are cursors you seen on the site, but might want in a different color. Also I'll be adding more Christmas cursor soon and some requests that some people have made.

One Piece Cursors

Date: 16 Dec 2008, 21:52 By Tor With 1 Comments
Just added 23 One Piece cursors. If you don't know what One Piece is, then you don't know anime. It's currently one of the most popular animes of all time ranking up there among Naruto and Dragonball. The One Piece manga spans over 500 chapters already. >.> I'm only on chapter 340. These one piece cursors were created by "Amy". Be sure to check out her blog for more cursors.

More One Piece cursors coming in the future. The cursors were added in the "Anime > "One Piece" (just added today) section of our site.

Dragonball Cursors

Date: 16 Dec 2008, 07:53 By Tor With 2 Comments
35 Dragonball Cursors were added today. They range from Dragonball Z to Dragonball GT. There are cursors of Goku, Gohan, Piccolo, Vegetta, Brolly, Super Saiyan 1 to 4, and one of Goku in Super Saiyan 5, which is from Dragonball AF. The icons were created by Dragon Ball AF Mugen Project. If you don't know what Mugen is, you guys are missing out big time!

All of the cursors went under "Anime > "Dragonball".

And guess what? Dragonball the movie is coming out called Dragonball Evolution. IMO it looks pretty good. IMO Bulma and Chi Chi look hot. IMO the white Goku is weird. IMO Cho Young Fat as Master Roshi is stupid. Anyone remember Bullet Proof Monk? Please dear Lord of the Universe, don't let this movie be as gay as Bullet Proof Monk. Please God if any one anime Movie is to succeed let it be Dragon Ball. Don't ruin the greatest anime of all time please!

Disney Cursors

Date: 15 Dec 2008, 18:55 By Tor With 0 Comments
15 Disney cursors were added today. Most of them are of the Disney Princesses, including Ariel, Bell, Snow White, Aurora, and Jasmine. Also threw in some Winnie the Pooh and Mickey Mouse. Oh yeah, and also some characters from Peter Pan.

Creator of the cursors are unknown. If you know please leave a message. More cursors on the way.

They all went under Toons > Disney

Added Most Comments, Rateds and A Bunch Of new Subcategories

Date: 11 Dec 2008, 01:04 By Tor With 1 Comments
Some of you return visitors may have noticed that I moved Newest, Most Viewed and added Most Rated and Most Comments at the top of the left navigational bar. Make sure to check out those new links to see what's popular on the site.

I just spent the past 4 hours, reorganizing the Cursors and adding a ton of new subcategories to make it easier for you guys to find the cursors (hopefully) Below is a list of new subcategories that just been added.


Sailor Moon
Unsorted Anime

Mortal Kombat
Unsorted Games

Political Figures
TV Shows




Family Guy
Hanna Barbera (Various)
Looney Tunes
Unsorted Toons


Body Parts
Star Wars

Special Requests:

I Love

~_~ To be honest man, I hate adding Subcategories, it stretches the table too long. Oh well I guess, and yea, there is going to be more sub categories to come since I haven't even touch some of the main categories yet.

More Twilight Cursors and User Submitted Ones

Date: 10 Dec 2008, 08:26 By Tor With 0 Comments
7 more Twilight Cursors were added today. Only of two people though, Edward Cullen and Jabob Black. Or their real names, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner. If you haven't seen the Twilight movie it's pretty damn good. The cursors went under People > Movies

Also we got some user submitted cursors of Two Shy Guys (Mario) created by Lauren Hembree, One Tiny Red First Rock On (Body Parts) created and submitted by tomnacho and finally one Final Fantasy 7 Cloud Buster sword (Final Fantasy), submitted by Anneke

Learn how to Submit Cursors Here.

Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, and The Hills

Date: 9 Dec 2008, 10:17 By Tor With 0 Comments
5 Britney Spears, 3 Paris Hilton, and 21 The Hills cursors were added today. All of them are of the head shot and a few side views etc. I'm not sure why a lot of people admire Paris Hilton but whatever man, she's on our site now. For Britney Spears, I'm glad she's back. She was a hottie. Hopefully Britney doesn't go down the K-Fed road again eh?

Ya...I watch "The Hills" ~_~ It's a pretty good show man. Next week is the last episode for the season maybe forever, who knows. I got most of the cast as cursors, but if you want to request someone from The Hills, that isn't own our site, just leave a comment.

These cursors went under "People"

Separate Codes For Myspace, Hi5, and Friendster

Date: 8 Dec 2008, 22:30 By Tor With 2 Comments
Just updated our website to spit out HTML/CSS code that is 100% tailor to work with Myspace, Hi5, or Friendster as well as Normal webpages including blogspot, forums, any site that allows html and css coding.

Use the "Universal Code" if you don't know which one to use. It will work on 99% of all websites on the internet. Cuz that's how we roll man.

There are also instructions for how to add the cursors on your page. I wrote it pretty simple and clearly. If you have any questions, send me a feedback (left side of page) or leave a comment.

Futurama And Family Guy Cursors

Date: 8 Dec 2008, 09:15 By Tor With 0 Comments
41 Cursors were added today. Only 6 were from Family guy though and the rest were from Futurama. The Family guy cursors are just of the main cast. The Futurama cursors are also mostly of the main cast but there are some secondary people in there. The Futurama icons were created by "Jo Jo Sanmerelli". No website for this person unforunately. And the Family Guy icons were created by "Lloyd Kinsley. Make sure to check out his site for more cool icons.

Because Futurama had more than 20 cursors, it gets it own subcategory. None for Family Guy though...since it only had 6 cursors. You can check out the new subcategory "Futurama" under "Toons".

South Park Cursors, 163 Of Em'

Date: 7 Dec 2008, 15:49 By Tor With 0 Comments
O_O yea man, pretty crazy for my standards at least. I usually don't add over 60 per day but today I had some free time and I got to make this site the #1 cursor site on the net, so yea man.

Pretty much every character from South Park was added today including Kenny, Stan, Cartman, and Kyle. You can find them all in the new subcategory "South Park".

The Icons were created by the very Talented Christopher Pirillo. Check out his site for some pretty interesting things. The cursors were created using Axialis Cursors.

I'll probably be adding more Toon cursors in the following days and adding more subcategories as well. Laters...
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