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Cursors For Your Tumblr, Blog, Website, & Windows Computer Mouse!

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Easter Cursors and Shugo Chara Cursors

Date: 6 Apr 2009, 09:02 By Tor With 0 Comments
Just finished adding 25 Easter Cursors and Shugo Chara Cursors. Easter is coming up so I thought I add some into our Collection. Shugo Chara is an anime that is currently pretty popular in the U.S. You can watch it for free on Crunchyroll.

The Easter Egg Cursors are actually all from the anime Shugo Chara. Someone requested these and Easter was coming up and voila. You can get the Easter Cursors and Shugo Chara Cursors at...

Military, Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, Medals, and Jet Cursors

Date: 4 Apr 2009, 14:19 By Tor With 2 Comments
Just finished Adding 66 Military Cursors of the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines. Also added cursors of Military Jets and Military Medals. Like the Purple Heart, Silver Star, Gold Star etc. Oh yeah...and also Military Rank Cursors of the Army Navy Air force and Marines.

There are also some Soldier Cursors as well =D All of these cursors were cursorized by us, but the original artwork was done by great people. Click on the cursors to see who made the artwork and visit their page. You can get the cursors by going to the links below...

The Legend Of Zelda Cursors

Date: 3 Apr 2009, 13:27 By Tor With 6 Comments
Just finish adding 39 Legend Of Zelda Cursors. Probably one of the most popular game in the world, Legend Of Zelda finally makes it here. Not sure why it took almost 5 years just add some Zelda Cursors up in this place O_O

Most of the Zelda cursors are animated a few aren't. Most of them I turned Zelda Sprites into the Cursors. Some of them were created by bewilderbeast. Make sure to visit his page for thanks =D You can get the Zelda cursors below by following the link. As you can tell I put The Zelda Cursors in multiple categories.

NBA All-Star 2009 Player Cursors

Date: 2 Apr 2009, 13:47 By Tor With 2 Comments
Just added 22 NBA All-Star 2009 Player Cursors. I had some people request these, so I thought I make them and add them in today. These are cursors of Kobe Bryant, Lebron James, Dwight Howard, Shaq, Dwayne Wade, Allen Iverson, Chris Paul, and many more.

We'll be adding Celebrity Cursors from other Sports as well, including Soccer, Tennis, Golf, and pretty much whatever we can. You can get these cursors in...

April's 2009 Favorite Cursor Of The Month

Date: 1 Apr 2009, 17:00 By Tor With 0 Comments
We got a new favorite cursor of the month for April 2009. This is a brand spanking new cursor that no one in the world has O_O I think. It's a cursor of a clapping hands. What's so cool about it?
Clapping Hands

I don't know...it's something different and unique. The times are tough right now for most of us people. People are working hard to live. No one gives Thanks to anyone anymore. So this cursor is for all the workers out there trying to make a living and are just working Hard. We applaud you.

52 Gaia Online and RuneScape Cursors

Date: 31 Mar 2009, 15:45 By Tor With 0 Comments
Just added 52 Gaia Online and RuneScape Cursors. The Gaia Online Cursors were created by Chibigreen Tejinashi She did an awesome job on this. Check out her profile on Gaia Online to give her mad thanks.

I did the runescape cursors...were pretty easy to do. These cursors are just weapons, swords, etc. Next time I add runescape cursors, they will probably be animated ones.

All the cursors went in...

How To Add Cursors On Your Computer

Date: 28 Mar 2009, 13:58 By Tor With 33 Comments
I been getting a lot of comments lately, on How to get cursors from cursors-4u.com and How to Install Cursors On Your Windows Computer after you downloaded it. Remember that cursors on Cursors-4U.com is 100% free with no gimmicks. We do not bundle our cursors with software or anything dumb like that. All downloads are direct downloads which mean you download the cursor file itself. So it's safe and virus free.

1. Find The Cursor

Look through the site, and look for the cursor you want to use. The navigation of the site is on your left. Click on any of those links. You can also use the Search.

145 Kirby Cursors and Pokemon Cursors Gold/Silver/Crystal Versions

Date: 27 Feb 2009, 23:41 By Tor With 6 Comments
We have 5600+ cursors!!!! Damn man, that's crazy. In the past 6 months I added over 4000 cursors. Could have added more if my internet didn't die for a month. T_T Well today I added 145 Kirby Cursors and Pokemon Cursors

Animated Dance Dance Revolution DDR Red
Someone made a request for Kirby Cursors. And here they are. Took a little bit long but I try to get them done as soon as possible. When you make requests, at least give me a source image or a web site to get the images from. That way I know what you want exactly ~_*

All the Pokemon cursors added today are from Pokemon Versions Gold, Silver, and Crystal. Right now we have over 300+ Pokemon Cursors. The next time I add Pokemon cursors it will be from Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald. We sorta got our own little Pokedex here ^_^ All the Kirby Cursors and Pokemon Cursors went in in the links below... Edit Feb 28th 2009: We also have a new favorite cursor of the month! The cursor is an animated Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) cursor. The cursor was created by q-ros. I'll be making different colors of this cursor soon.

69 Naruto Animated Cursors, and 2 Bleach Cursors

Date: 26 Feb 2009, 17:52 By Tor With 12 Comments
Lol, at 69 to 2. ~_~ So today I added Naruto and Bleach Cursors Half of the cursors were created over at Naruto Fan while the other half I spliced a bunch of images together. So if it looks strange like the images don't belong O_O that's probably why.

I'm not sure if I should add anymore Bleach or Naruto cursors because we got like over 300 of those two animes alone on the site. We'll see though. You can get these cursors by following the link below.

56 Dead Or Alive, Kingdom Hearts, Disney, Perfect World, Flyff, and Final Fantasy Cursors

Date: 25 Feb 2009, 10:58 By Tor With 0 Comments
...and also some boob cursors *Drools*. LOL. Don't worry they are in bikini's however we do got some that aren't ~_^ In total, 56 Dead Or Alive, Kingdom Hearts, Perfect World, Flyff, and Final Fantasy Cursors were added today. I added a ton of Kingdom Hearts cursors of all the major Characters, like Sora, Riki, Kairi, Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse, Goofy, and Roxas.

I didn't add too much of DOA but I added Kasumi, Ayane, and Helena. Also I added some Perfect World MMORPG cursors and Flyff. For Final Fantasy I only added Yuna and Rinoa from Final Fantasy 8 and 10. You can get these cursors going to the links below

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