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Jesse McCartney, Paramore, Ozzy, Jordan, The Beatles, and more Celebrity Cursors

Date: 5 May 2009, 09:11 By Tor With 0 Comments
Added exactly 42 Celebrity cursors of Jesse McCartney, Paramore, Ozzy and The Osbournes, Jordan, The Beatles, Limp Bizkit, Jet Li, Jackie Chan, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Derek Jeter, Lil Kim, Sean Combs, and a lot more.

Send in your requests now, so we can do as many celebrity cursors as we can. We want over 1000+ cursors for this category. We put today's addition into many sub-categories so follow the links below.

Follow Us @ Twitter

Date: 4 May 2009, 18:05 By Tor With 0 Comments
Yea man, we now got an account over at twitter.com You can visit us @cursors4u or https://www.twitter.com/cursors4u Unfortunately you can't add cursors into twitter. They only allow modification of backgrounds. Maybe in the future ~_^

You want to folllow us because we will tweet all the updates that happen across the site. This month we have a goal of 3000+ cursors to be added. Don't be shy now T_T The more followers the merrier right? See you there!

Cute Cursors

Date: 4 May 2009, 09:18 By Tor With 3 Comments
Just added a new category called "Cute". I'm currently searching through all of cursors-4u.com for "cute cursors" or what I think is "cute" This new category will be just a general category like "animated". It won't have any sub-categories.

It will contain animated and static cursors like the rest of the site. It might be a while before I finish adding more cursors into this category but you better believe that this will have the cutest cursors in the world. Follow the link below...

May's Favorite Cursor Of The Month

Date: 2 May 2009, 14:33 By Tor With 0 Comments
We got a new favorite cursor of the month for May 2009. This is a brand spanking new cursor that no one in the world has O_O. It's a cursor of Tobi doing the Banana Dance.
Animated Dancing Akatsuki Tobi
The banana dance is pretty infamous now and people have ported it to other images.

The dancing image of Tobi was created by zorkky Be sure to check out his page and give him mad props.

Naruto is the #1 Anime in the world right now. Be sure to check out our Naruto Cursors section to get more cool naruto cursors.

44 SpongeBob, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Jack Chan Adventures, Princess Mononoke and More...

Date: 2 May 2009, 13:37 By Tor With 0 Comments
Just finished adding 44 SpongeBob, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Jack Chan Adventures, Princess Mononoke, Foxtrot, Garfield, Powerpuff Girls, and Harvey Comics (Casper, Wendy, Richie Rich Etc) Cursors These are pretty nice cursors.

I especially love the SpongeBob SquarePants Cursors. These were created by Amy. The rest of the cursors, were done by CursorCafe. Follow the links below to get the cursors.

New Category "Comics"

Date: 1 May 2009, 12:27 By Tor With 0 Comments
Added another new main category today and move the appropriate sub-categories to this new one. Before I added all Comic book cursors into the "cartoon" section but seeing as I will probably have a growing collection of every major comic book, including sunday funnies, marvel and dc comics, I decided that it was time to add it in here =D

Currently there are only 7 subcategories but soon there will be more You can get to the new category below by following the links...

New Category "Movies and TV Shows"

Date: 30 Apr 2009, 12:26 By Tor With 0 Comments
Just finished reorganizing a new category. I just added "Movies And Tv Shows". As the title of category states, all movies and tv shows will go in here. I currently have 6 subcategories I think and plan on adding more.

I will probably be adding some star trek cursors soon and add them into this category =D The new movie looks pwnage is all I got to say.

I move Twilight, Harry Potter, High School Musical, and Star Wars to this new category. I also created two new sub-categories, called the "The Hills" and "WWE". The Hills an MTV reality tv show that is really popular. WWE is probably the #1 wrestling show on TV in the U.S.A. You can check out the new categories below.

Ribbons, Emo, and Gothic Cursors + Now Over 6500 Cursors

Date: 29 Apr 2009, 15:17 By Tor With 0 Comments
We just surpassed 6500+ cursors in our collections. =D Could break 7 or 8 thousand by the end of next month. I want to get 10,000 cursors by Summer time break. Well today I added Ribbons, Emo, and Gothic Cursors. I gave these new cursors their own category.

We will have a ton more ribbon cursors. I got a pretty large collection. Hundreds of them O_O. Not sure why. The gothic cursors were by cursorcafe again. The Ribbon cursors (most of them) were created by Amy. The cursors were put in the following links below...

24 Word, Religion, Name, Chinese Character Cursors

Date: 28 Apr 2009, 17:12 By Tor With 0 Comments
Just added a total of 24 Word, Religion, Name, Chinese Character Cursors. These cursors like the one's yesterday were created by CursorCafe. Don't install the toolbar on there though man. Yea, I jacked it from them.

I think they are closing down their website soon. So gonna grab them all before they vanish into history. They are good quality too. You can get the cursors following the link below.

New Subcategories Added

Date: 27 Apr 2009, 09:51 By Tor With 0 Comments
In an Effort to make browsing easier...actually it probably doesn't make it easier. Did you know that according to research when someone is overwhelm with choices, they don't know what to choose and don't choose at all? Strange huh?

That's why we don't have massive 200 link column on the left side there. Instead just main categories and then if you so choose, subcategories if were to go to any of the links. Today I added over half a dozen new sub categories in various categories. The links are below.
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