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18 Smilies Added

Date: 21 Oct 2005, 12:47 By With 0 Comments
Remember that smilies is our newest category. That's why it has so little content there. But with these 18, I hope it looks like there's more than before...lol. Hotlinking has been enabled, once agian to remind you.

But I think I'm going to conduct some more tests, and hotlinking will be disabled again over the weeken or next week just for a few days. I'm suspecting that MYSPACE.com is built really weird, that it sends multiple requests to a file. So that means that, when I disable hotlinking, myspace.com will be disabled as well. I'm assuming that is where all the traffic is coming from. I still have a few things to tweak here and there...upgrading this and that. The site isn't too bad, speed wise, atleast.

Of course more cursors on the way.

EDIT 2:30Pm PST - In about 30-60 minutes, I will disable the site, to update the page layout, to include a new "secret category". The site will then be down for 1-2 hours, and you will be redirected to our network site PS-Tuts.com

No 100Mpbs Upgrade Going To Happen

Date: 20 Oct 2005, 12:40 By With 0 Comments
LOL...that's right, we are no longer going to upgrade the server speed. After much research (not too much), we do not need a 100mpbs line for this server. Because our traffice level isn't near needing it. And it would be a waste of money to get it...

I will be researching more on servers, and will enable hotliking to the site in a couple of days. Optimzing it, I guess...it's quite annoying, and hard to do. If anyone could recommend me someone who can do this stuff, feel free to. Or maybe I should just reboot the damn server...lol.

So hotlinking still disabled until further notice aights? All downloads and previews still work.

EDIT - 6 Metal Slug cursors were added. This is also a very cool video game. One of the best 2d shooting games ever made.


7 More Marvel Cursors

Date: 19 Oct 2005, 21:15 By With 0 Comments
Remember that hotlinking is disabled again until I can order a 100Mpbs line for our server.

So 7 more marvel vs capcom cursors were added. More game cursors tomorrow, and then we're going to add some more sports cursors, then some more smiles. Also included are a few specials.

They were added in the "Games" section of our site.

Edit: The marvel cursors were moved to our new section...

Hotlink Disabled Again + 10 Marvel Vs Capcom Cursors

Date: 19 Oct 2005, 17:24 By With 1 Comments
Okie Dokie, hotlinking has been disabled again. We are now going to upgrade to a 100Mbps second connection. It's going to be a whle before we can set it up. Until then, no hotlinking. You can still download the cursors. Aights?

Marvel Vs. Capcom is one of the best games ever created.

Get the cursors by going here Cartoons > Marvel Comics

Hotlinking Enabled

Date: 18 Oct 2005, 21:37 By With 0 Comments
Aights, hotlinking is once again enabled. After, testing the connection, I come to realize that, we do need a 100Mbps connection instead of what I have now, a 10Mpbs line. We don't actually need the 100Mpbs, more like a 20Mpbs line. But that's all that my host offer, a 10Mpbs, and a 100Mbps...however, I don't want to jump on the bandwagon just yet and start spending more "$$$" for it yet.

We'll see though. We are close to the 800 mark. And I'm estimating that we will pass the 1000 mark by the end of the year. Our new server is much better than expected, and I'm very glad that I upgraded. Remember that in the works is a new CMS (content management system), which will come out by the end of year with tons of new features.

4 Specials & 24 Mechanics

Date: 18 Oct 2005, 10:59 By With 0 Comments
Man, it's been a long time since we updated huh? I mean updates that included cursors that is. All the previous updates were just about server this, and server that right? We'll our cool guy, Rigor, finished 4 specials for those of you who followed the special request rules. We are still working on a few more that aren't done yet, so for those of you that requested it, please be patience.

Also 24 airplane cursors were added, created by MameWorld.net. Thanks for creating these cool cursors. Of course we take the pleasure in cursorizing these images.

Please remember that hotlinking has been disabled until tomorrow for connection testing purposes.


Date: 16 Oct 2005, 22:54 By With 0 Comments
Aights, I will be conducting a test on our new server. Already with this server, I'm seeing major improvement in server loads, however, I'm seeing different results in speed test. But the server load is way better. However if you notice around 1-8pm, accessing the site gets a little hard and congested, so this test is to see if this problem is due to connection issues.

Starting right now until to the 19th of October, hotlinking is disabled. REPEAT, HOTLINKING WILL BE DISABLED FOR 2 DAYS, for connection testing purposes only. Please do not panic, if you see don't see cursors coming on your pages. Thank you for your cooperation.

New Server Up But

Date: 14 Oct 2005, 11:28 By With 0 Comments
there are many problems with DNS. It's not propogated yet, or it's not gone as far as it has gone yet. Stuff still getting back to normal, but not 100% or 50%. Hopefully it will get done by this weekened.

If it's slow, it's because of the dns. Give it a few day or so I think.

Server News

Date: 13 Oct 2005, 17:01 By With 0 Comments
Aights everyone, I just got my server. It's being set up by me right now...but I'm a such a noob when it comes to this kinda stuff. So It might take a while. The team and I won't be doing any updates until we can transfer everything. But once everything is done, hopefully the site can go faster. I mean it's a pentium 4 2.8ghz with 1gb of ram. That's pretty damn fast. I wish it had Hyperthreading tech on it though, then it would be even faster. That should be able to handle three sites right? Right then...until the server is up I guess.....mwuhahahah

After Three Hours...

Date: 12 Oct 2005, 18:12 By With 0 Comments
...of trying to encode the layout into something css based, I give up...LOL, damn that some hard bleeping bleepo, bleepity bleep converting. I have to study it some more to do it. Currently CSS layouts is the rave of the internet...and people who do it, are "cool"...I say the hell with that. I'll stick with my tables for right now, and be cool with tables. Until I learn how to code CSS layouts, we're staying with tables man.

But, we are still getting a new server, and I ain't giving up on that yet.
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