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Some More Updates And New Features

Date: 2 Dec 2008, 21:27 By Tor With 0 Comments
Some of you might notice some changes in the design of the site. I updated the site, to "Version 3.5". Ooooooooooohhhhhh Awwwwweeeee ^_^ I did some minor tweaks including changing some colors here and there.

The most noticeable changes is that I added a thingy on the bottom of each page under the pagination (pagination is in it's own container now) that shows the latest comments and latest cursors

Also the RSS feed is fixed. It was broken earlier. If you got any suggestions, leave a comment.

Big Change, With Some New Features!!

Date: 2 Dec 2008, 12:18 By Tor With 0 Comments
Alright homies...I removed the popup that we use to use on this site. We are now just going to use a regular page. I did that for a reason because some stuff wouldn't fit into such a small area.

You can now rate cursors!. Not only that, but you can now add comments! I added a ton of cursors throughout the year, and some cursors have not recieved proper credit. With the addition of the comment system, please if you know the source leave a comment.

Also help me with naming some of these cursors! Like we got a bunch of different type of dog cursors. Help me name them into something more specific.

Final Fantasy 7 Cloud Strife
Also we got a brand new favorite of the Month! This cursor was done by Ethan Walker I have no idea who that is also O_O. No website or anything. Just the name. The cursor was added a long time ago but it's still one of the best Final Fantasy cursor I seen.

I'm also going to create two new categories called most comments and most reviews in a month or so...I'm gonna wait for the stuff to pile up first.

If you see any bugs, send in an e-mail man. I got some more new stuff I want to try out later...

And Then There Was 3000 Cursors...

Date: 30 Nov 2008, 15:11 By Tor With 2 Comments
Yup, we finally passed 3000 cursors on this site. That's what my CMS says. We got 3000, freakin cursors!!!! This is the most amazing day in the world! Greater than the birth of Jesus! More amazing than when the Buddha archived Enlightenment! I'm just kidding about those last two remarks (-_-)

3000 Freaking cursors man. I want to break 4000 by the end of the year man. I added 15 cursors today to get to the 3000 mark. All the cursors went under "Cursors/Pointers" of our site.

Thank you everyone for your support. I will now officially take a week break and concentrate on doing some fixing up on the script and tweaking the site design so it loads faster for you guys as well as make it look a little bit better. Don't forget to bookmark this page and sign up for our RSS Feeds and join our E-mail subscription!

Working On Some Different Things The Last Few Days

Date: 26 Nov 2008, 13:38 By Tor With 0 Comments
I'm redoing the template system, and the way I add cursors so that it can go 2x as fast as before and make it more accurate.

I'm also gonna probably end up getting rid of the popup boxes for the site and just doing a normal site because I want to add in new features like a rating system and a comment system. This way I can allow a few more categories like "Most Comments" and "Highest Rated" or something.

Once I finish, I'm going to be adding Christmas Cursors. Laters.

All Main Categories Now Have "Most Views" Sub Category

Date: 24 Nov 2008, 20:55 By Tor With 0 Comments
Anyways, earlier today I was working on adding a "most viewed" section for all the main categories. Well, it's finish. All the main categories now have a subcategory called "Most Views". It's colored Orange, so it ain't hard to miss

Unfortunately only the main categories can be sorted that way and not the subcategories. I probably won't do that feature for a while.

If pages are not loading properly, just send me an e-mail of the time and date so I can look into it. There seems to be a problem right now that is going on with the site, where the page doesn't follow load. Thank you.

One New Subcategory And Can Sort By Most Views

Date: 24 Nov 2008, 10:11 By Tor With 0 Comments
Got one new subcategory for "Special Requests" called "I Love" I plan on adding "Lefty" and "Glitter" as well under that category. Will do them on request only though.

You can now also sort main categories by most viewed. I haven't done it for all the categories yet, but a little over half. They are for the categories Most Viewed Anime, Most Viewed Cursors/Pointer, Most Viewed Food, Most Viewed Games, Most Viewed Holidays, Most Viewed Mechanics, and Most Viewed Nature. I'll finish the rest of the section laters.

29 Cursors/Pointers

Date: 23 Nov 2008, 17:18 By Tor With 0 Comments
There's a wide range of them. They are went into the "Cursors/Pointers section of our site.

I'm working some new features for some of the main sections. Gonna have a subcategory where you can sort each main category by "Most Views". Hopefully that will be useful for you guys.

Also right now the site is having some difficulties. One of our server scripts is bugging out. If you load a page and it's not fully loaded, that's the reason why. I'm in the process of fixing it.

Edit: Looks like its fixed.

Going Web 2.0, sorta...

Date: 22 Nov 2008, 11:58 By Tor With 0 Comments
Added on every page of our website is a new "Add This" bookmark function. It lets you tab into all the known famous bookmarking services such as Delicious, StumbleUpon, Google and Myspace

Also we now have RSS Feeds for our content. We are using "Feed Burner" as our RSS provider. It's the worlds most popular feed system. Please subscribe to our RSS feed for all the latest cursors.

And one last feature. We now have e-mail subscriptions. Everytime we have an update that appears on the front page of this site, you will get an e-mail from Feed Burner.

Cute Bunnies, Butterflies, Flowers Added

Date: 21 Nov 2008, 10:13 By Tor With 1 Comments
Just added 21 cute "Nature" section of our site. Also some of them were put in the subcategories as "Butterflies", "Cats", "Dogs", and "Flowers" under Nature.

But of course there were bears, raindrops, paw prints, hamsters, pigs, bubbles, and I think a really really cute penguin.

Creators of these cursors are unknown. I had to "recursorize" them though because the images were broken. If you know the creator send an e-mail please. Thank you.

Thanksgiving Cursors

Date: 19 Nov 2008, 11:19 By Tor With 0 Comments
30 Thanksgiving cursors were added into our brand new sub category "Thanksgiving" under "Holidays".

Half of the Thanksgiving Icons were created by Billy Bear 4 Kids, while we did the "Cursorization" and all the animated cursors were created and cursorized by Cursormania.

Happy Thankgiving Everyone!

I'll be taking a break until Thanksgiving is over. See you later then.
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