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18 Naruto Cursors and 1 Kaoani

Date: 18 Nov 2008, 15:23 By Tor With 2 Comments
All the Naruto cursors added today are animated. There's Sakura, Gaara, Kakashi, Temuri, Tenten, Rock Lee, Shikamuru, Neji, and Akatsaki Pain, Deidara and Kasame. They went in "Naruto" subcategory of our site.

Also added 1 Kaoani. Now WTF is a Kaoani? Kaoani stands for "Face (kao) Animation (ani)" in japanese I guess. These are very famous in Japan, and will soon have it's own subcategory here on Cursors-4U.com. Because I found a bunch of really cute ones that I want to turn into Cursors.

I'll be adding Thanksgiving cursors tomorrow.

54 Naruto Cursors Added, Including Akatsuki And Sharingan

Date: 15 Nov 2008, 18:00 By Tor With 8 Comments
I got the sprites from Noerusan. She did an amazing job with the sprites. So damn cute! I'm gonna try to animate them tomorrow. The Sharingan and Mangekyo Sharingan were created by The 11th Doctor however I resized it since it was way too big.

These cursors were added in our new Naruto section of the site under Anime.

BTW, the animated cursors are better than what you see Gifs don't allow alpha transparency so it looks choopy. But if you hover over the image in the popup, it'll look a lot smoother cuz that's what it actually looks like (IE browser only).

A few more Subcategories added...

Date: 15 Nov 2008, 11:33 By Tor With 0 Comments
Four in Mechanics (Airplanes, Cars, Guitars, Motocycles), and Five in Nature (Birds, Butterflies, Cats, Dogs, Flowers).

More subcategories will be on the way for easier browsing. I'll only make a subcategory only if there is more than 20 cursors that could go into it. If not, just browse through the main category for all the cursors.

Rock On Cursor, Steals #2 Spot

Date: 14 Nov 2008, 23:31 By Tor With 2 Comments
Rock On Cursor, has been running up the charts for our most viewed cursor. It was #15 most viewed cursor last month and now it's #2. The lightning cursor is still #1.

Rock On
The Most Viewed section is something we started last month...that is why some cursors have so little views when in fact they been viewed 10's of thousands of times.

The Most Viewed section is also growing to be our most popular section of the site. Make sure to check it out to see what's popular.

This cursor is very popular in Israel and two popular social networking websites from there, Moomoo.co.il and Shinl.co.il.

Welcome friends from Israel and around the world!

20 Subcategories Added Today

Date: 13 Nov 2008, 22:47 By Tor With 0 Comments
One in Anime, (Hello Kitty), Six in Games (Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Mario, Megaman, Pokemon, Sonic), Four in Holidays ( Easter, Halloween, Christmas, Valentine), Two in Sports ( Baseball, Football), Four in Symbols ( Astrology, Flags, Hearts, Stars), And Three In Toons ( Batman, The Simpsons, Winnie The Pooh)

I'm probably gonna add some subcategories for Food, Mechanics, Nature, People, and Unsorted tomorrow. After that I'll get back to adding some more cursors.

The subcategories are only there for your conveniences. The main categories will still contain all the cursors for that category. Subcategories only break the main down into pieces. Each subcategory contains more than 19 cursors. Don't get confuse and think that's all the cursors there are in the main categories. The main category contains all the cursors including the subcategories.

Adding Sub-Navigations

Date: 12 Nov 2008, 00:03 By Tor With 0 Comments
The navigation menu for the site is being redone. Right now as you can probably see, for those that visit this site frequently, there are now icons next to the cursor categories.

I try to make the icons as relevant as possible to the categories =D

We are now adding Sub-Navigations. Currently the only category to have a sub-nav is "anime" The two new sub navs are "Bleach" and "Naruto".

I'm only making sub-navs for cursors that are more than 1 page long. So expect more sub-navs in the coming days as I rearrange stuff. You can still view all cursors in one category if you click on the main "link". Sub-Navs will only appear when you click on the "main" link. At least that's what I plan on doing.

Cute Stars And Hearts...So Cute

Date: 8 Nov 2008, 08:16 By Tor With 1 Comments
20 of them were added into the "Symbols" section of the site. They are all very cute. I think the 12 years and females will like it a lot.

I have about 300 something cursors to add for the remaining of the month. Most of them cute. Like I said, I declared this month "Cute Month" =D

For those that want to request cursors, please send in an e-mail or leave a comment.

OMFG, Kawaii!!! More Hello Kitty...

Date: 7 Nov 2008, 13:39 By Tor With 1 Comments
Soooooooooooooooooo Cute!!! *Throws Up* Just kidding, just kidding. Don't want to get killed by the Hello Kitty cult out there. For reals man Hello Kitty is like super popular for some reason

But they are pretty cute I have to admit. 10 of these cursors were added today. All of them are animated and most of them are just blinking. All of them went into the anime section.

More cute cursors coming soon, as I continue "Cute Month" BTW Kawaii means, "Cute" in Japanese. It's my anime Otakuness coming out.

These cursors went in "Hello Kitty" under "Anime"

Hello Kitty!

Date: 7 Nov 2008, 06:55 By Tor With 1 Comments
14 Hello Kitty, 1 My Melody and 1 Bad Badtz-Maru Cursors were added into the "anime" section of this site. This are non-animated cursors. I have some animated one's I have to convert from gif's coming tomorrow. The exact same one's I think of the one's added today but animated.

These cursors...not sure where they originated from. But the images were gotten from Zalim-Code. I'm about 99% positive this site did not create. If you know, leave a comment.

You can get them by going to "Hello Kitty" section of our site.

Declaring This "Cute Month"

Date: 6 Nov 2008, 12:21 By Tor With 0 Comments
9 super cute bunnies were added today. They all went into the "nature" section of the site.

For the remaining month (hopefully), I will be only adding things that are "cute" This one is for you sexy ladies ~_^

Today's additions were brought to you by P-Suke Be sure to check out this Japanese brothers web site for more cool bunny cursors and icons.
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