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Cursors For Your Tumblr, Blog, Website, & Windows Computer Mouse!

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Naruto and Friends Cursor Set

Date: 29 Nov 2011, 20:41 By Tor With 2 Comments
Naruto And Friends Set

The 2nd update and probably last update of the day is a really cool and adorable cursor set created by Funny Snowman. Funny Snowman creates all of his cursors by hand and they are all very good. He has some of the best awesome cursors that I seen. If you have Sanrio, anime, disney and many other cutesy things he is sure to have a cursor to your liking, so be sure to check out his site.

Starting today I will attempt to update two times per day instead of the usual one, just see how it goes. And if I have time I'll shoot for 3 updates a day but probably not likely. See you tomorrow!

Bloody Knife Set

Date: 29 Nov 2011, 17:49 By Tor With 5 Comments
Bloody Knife Set

Just added a small set with only four cursors and one animated one. It doesn't have the usual 15 to complete a cursor set, but it does have the most used ones, which are the pointers, the busy, the help and the link select. The cursor set was created by N-K. He also has a few other cursors to download so check out his page.

Today I got some free time so I'm gonna do some more updates until I can get my hands on our new servers that need to be set. We usually do one update per day but not today =D So check back again in a few hours to see more cursors!

Lucky Charm Marshmallow Cursors

Date: 29 Nov 2011, 01:26 By Tor With 0 Comments

Today I added 16 Lucky Charm Marshmallow cursors. You know those were the best part of the cereal when you were kid. The icons were created by Lots and Love and Pixels. You can check out her tumblr page or deviantart page for other cool and wonderful things.

I have found two servers, that I want to get and have already ordered one. I will be upgrading our server into Intel Xeon Quad Core Sandy Bridge E3-1270 with 16gb of ram, and 2x 500gb HDD. Also I'm gonna try something new with a 2nd server that will act as a mysql server. It will have the same specs. Hopefully this thing will fly. I will start testing the server soon and will hopefully have it up by the end of the month!

Hopefully no more slowness. But until then, you can get the new cursors in the following categories...

Here are a few samples of what was added today.

Lucky Charms RainbowLucky Charms MoonLucky Charms Heart

Looks like its time to upgrade servers

Date: 28 Nov 2011, 15:55 By Tor With 0 Comments

Man, this sucks, but the site seems to be getting slower and slower everyday. Not sure if it's the crappy CMS that we use, or just a server. But I'm looking to move to a server cluster with probably 4 servers total to handle everything. One frontend server, 2 mysql database servers, and 1 file server.

When the site is slow I don't feel like updating anymore lol. I'm gonna look for a new host probably and if you guys got any suggestions for a good host let me know. I will look into it. I just paid my current host for another month too LOL. Oh well. So poor.

Gruppled Cursor Set

Date: 27 Nov 2011, 19:42 By Tor With 2 Comments
Gruppled Set

This set was originally created for Unbuntu by someone named Gruppler. The set was later converted to work with Windows computer by Artrias. So big Kudos to those two. And of course don't forget to check out their web pages. I think this is a pretty cool set. I like ones like these that are artful and non-standard. There is also a white version of this set but it has not been converted to work with Windows yet.

This has been a great month for Cursors-4U.com Last week we managed to break 200,000 pageviews!! I believe that is an all time record high for us. Thank you so much for your support everyone! I'm gonna continue to work my best on this site!

Shiny Star Cursors

Date: 26 Nov 2011, 18:34 By Tor With 0 Comments

I recolored a our once favorite cursor of the month, Shiny Star, and I hope you guys enjoy. I think I will recolor and redo a few of the cursors that we have on our site some more. I know a lot of people like different color variations in their cursors so this might be a good idea for this site.

Still a ton more cursors to add, a bunch of user submitted cursors to add into our site, that I haven't gotten to. If you want to make a request leave a comment or e-mail us! For now the cursors went into the following categories...

I can also make some animated "I Love" cursors as well but it's gonna take a little bit longer, but they do look better. Well, that's it for me this weekend. See you guys Monday. The cursors went into the following sections..

Here are a few samples of what was added today.

Shiny Sky Blue StarShiny Purple StarShiny Violet Star

Dimension Cursor Set

Date: 25 Nov 2011, 22:01 By Tor With 1 Comments
Dimension Set

Check out this totally cool edgy cursor set that was just added today called, Dimension. The cursor set was created by John Meyer. He also has another cursor set on our site as well and some that we don't host at the moment. So go to his website and grab those other really cool cursors that he has if you want.

His cursor sets have always been fully complete has a simple .inf install script and look very cool and techy. The dude is really creative IMO and so is this set.

Cute Tiny Hand Pointer Cursors

Date: 24 Nov 2011, 19:11 By Tor With 3 Comments

Happy Thanksgiving everyone in the USA! Today we got a tiny update that consists of tiny hands =D These tiny cursors were created by Daily Exhaust. He made mostly all the popular one's like Rock On, Peace Sign, Hang Loose and many more. There's also one Peace Sign cursor that I do not know who made (Got Any Ideas?).

Have a safe Thanksgiving and enjoy them Turkey. See you guys tomorrow. Get the cursors in the following categories!

Here are a few samples of what was added today.

Finger Peace SignTiny A-OkTiny Rock On

Blacy (Black) Smiley Cursors

Date: 24 Nov 2011, 05:37 By Tor With 4 Comments

Twenty-Six Blacy (black) smiley cursors have been added into our site. The smileys were created by Rockey. You can check out his site for other awesome icons as well. The blacy smiley cursors come in all emotions, including happy, sad, anger, greed, crazy etc etc.

Tomorrow in the USA is Thanksgiving eve. Because I live here, I want to wish all fellow Americans a Happy Thanksgiving as well =D I plan on standing in line to get a new 46' Westinghouse TV tomorrow at target lol. Wish me look! Get the cursors in the following category...

Here are a few samples of what was added today.

Blacy Smiley - Super HeroBlacy Smiley - Haha BucktoothBlacy Smiley - Silly

Night Diamond Bloody Red Cursor Set

Date: 22 Nov 2011, 18:08 By Tor With 4 Comments
Night Diamond Bloody Red Set

This is a variation of the Night Diamond Cursor Set that was created by theblueguy07. The Bloody Red version also comes with some bonus cursors. It also an .inf installer as well, which makes adding cursor sets to your computer a little bit easier.

Be sure to check out theblueguy07's DA page for more cool artwork and icons as well. This set is sure to be as popular as the other one =D.

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