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Cursors For Your Tumblr, Blog, Website, & Windows Computer Mouse!

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Umbrella Cursors

Date: 22 Dec 2011, 14:21 By Tor With 0 Comments

Some very beautiful Umbrella cursors were added today. Included in todays cursor update are some normal umbrellas and some exquisite Japanese style wooden ones. I think they are made of bamboo. The icons were created by Sanglier. The entire site is in Japanese though so it's gonna be hard to browse but she has a lot of amazing icons to check out...

The new server is finally set up. After I update, I am going to transfer the DNS of the domain to point to the new dedicated servers. I would like to thank WiredTree for hosting us for 3 years now. We are now with a hosting company called Database By Design. Hopefully things will be good with them as well...

Here are a few samples of what was added today.

Green Frog UmbrellaSky Blue UmbrellaJapanese Red Umbrella

Psychedelic and Groovy Cursors

Date: 21 Dec 2011, 17:34 By Tor With 5 Comments

Yeaaaaaaah baby!!! Anyone send Austin Powers? Yeaaaaahhhh baby! A-hem...anyways 20 Psychedelic and Groovy cursors have just been added. Reminds me of the good old days; you know the 70's? I would love to be born in that era and just chill and hang loose all day long.

These cursors were created by CursorMania. You can get more cursors like these, if you use their toolbar. It's free, but it does get you a toolbar. They have 10,000+ cursors too. To get your psychedelic and groovy cursors go to the following categories...

Here are a few samples of what was added today.

Groovy PointerPsychedelic Pointer 11Mesmerize Pointer

Pink Wing Pointer Cursor Set

Date: 20 Dec 2011, 18:58 By Tor With 4 Comments
Wing Pointer Set

A really pretty and uniquely simple Pink Wing Pointer Cursor set just added. The cursors set was created Pi-House. Pi-House is a japanese site I believe that has a ton of cute and wonderful cursors as well as icons for you to download for free. So check out her site! It's really awesome.

I am almost done setting up our new server. I think the server will be moved in a few days. I don't know if it will be faster or not, even though it should be, but I need to do some major tweaks on it once the site is on. I can't tweak it unless there are visitors on the site. The new dedicated server is 2x as powerful almost and it has 16gb of ram and a dedicated mysql server. So in theory it should definately be faster. Lets hope so....

Doctor Who Cursors

Date: 19 Dec 2011, 12:57 By Tor With 3 Comments

Here are some, 13 to be exact, Doctor who cursors. There is also one cursor set for Doctor who but it's not a complete set. Meaning it's missing some cursors like diagonal resize etc. All the cursors were created by talented people on DA. So check out their pages for more stuff.

Doctor Who is a popular TV shows that's been running for a long time now I think. I haven't watched it myself but some people have made reqeusts for it. To get the Doctor who cursors, go to the following categories below...

Here are a few samples of what was added today.

Doctor Who SetSonic Screwdriver Doctor WhoDoctor Who Seal of Rassilon

Birthstone Cursors

Date: 18 Dec 2011, 15:47 By Tor With 0 Comments

Just added all 12 birthstone cursors into our Astrology section. For those that are into astrology these should be nice to have on your web blog or web site. A birthstone is a gift of a precious material that symbolizes the month of birth in the Gregorian calendar. It is sometimes also called birthday stone. That's according to Wikipedia.

The cursors were created I think by Cursormania. As for the original Author I'm not really sure who made it. But he/she must be a talented pixel artist to create all these works for Cursormania. The birthstone cursors went into the following sections...

Here are a few samples of what was added today.

March Birthstone AquamarineFebruary Birthstone AmethystJanuary Birthstone Garnet

Some more Christmas Cursors

Date: 17 Dec 2011, 09:44 By Tor With 0 Comments
I noticed that many of you like the White Christmas cursor that was added a week ago so I redid the cursors by adding different color variations to it. Hope you like. There were a total of nine cursors added today including two very cute ones Santa hat ice cream and Pikachu. All the cursors are animated. This might be the last Christmas update for this year since I think we have enough to last until next year =D I'll be busting out more cursor requests and a ton more cursor sets soon. Updating everyday, so always return my friends. The Christmas cursors went into the following sections...

Here are a few samples of what was added today.

Christmas PikachuSparkly Santa Hat Ice CreamDecorated Green Christmas Tree

Cars, Trains, Boats, and Helicopter Cursors

Date: 16 Dec 2011, 22:14 By Tor With 2 Comments

A very late update today. I haven't updated this late at night in a while, but I wanted to continue my update streak =D Anyways, today I added some Cars, Trains, Boats, and Helicopter cursors. Though I have a strange feeling I added these before O_O... I mean I can't remember everything I add, since we got like 10,000+ cursors.

I'm gonna have to verify tomorrow to make sure that I didn't add these cursors already. I did a search and not of them came up, so I might be good. Tomorrow I will add some Christmas Cursors. Even though I was suppose to add it in today. It's alright though...so for now get the cursors in the following categories...

Here are a few samples of what was added today.

TrainBoatHelicopter AH-64D Apache Longbow

Corgi Cursor Set

Date: 15 Dec 2011, 18:23 By Tor With 1 Comments
Corgi Set

Another beautiful cursor set done by Funny Snowman but this time featuring the very adorable Corgi. According to the wikipedia the full name is Pembroke Welsh Corgi. You can also get more Dog cursors in our site. And of course check out funny snowmans website.

I will be adding more Christmas cursors tomorrow! So come back for those =D Also a quick update on our new server. I'm running into massive problems setting it up. It's really discouraging. I thought it would be easier, but when setting up two dedicated servers into a cluster, it gets more complex I guess =(

Vocaloid Cursors

Date: 14 Dec 2011, 13:05 By Tor With 1 Comments

Just added 14 Vocaloid cursors. I'm not really sure what vocaloid is, other than the fact that it came from Japan. But someone requested these cursors, so here they are. Hope you enjoy them. The icons were created by Nko-ennekappao, icy-rain, and Sap-Green. All the credits goes to these guys for their awesome work. Check out their page and find other cool things! You can get their links on each of the cursor page.

There will be more vocaloid cursors in the future! I can promise you that. I think these should be pretty popular. So check back for those. Also I will continue to do requests and get some more of them up. The vocaloid cursors went into the following sections...

Here are a few samples of what was added today.

Hatsune MikuSinging Hatsune MikuVocaloid - Kaito

Glee Cursors

Date: 13 Dec 2011, 13:47 By Tor With 0 Comments

Sixteen brand new Glee cursors just added =D Also included the Glee logo with Hand L. Not really sure what that symbolizes but when I was little I'm pretty sure that meant loser. I don't watch Glee, so I cant really say anything much about it. But this was a request put in 3 months back. LOL.

I'm sorta swamp with requests right now. It takes me 1 month atleast to get to a request that was given to me on the same day and I can't guaranteed that I can do everyone's request either. But if you sent me a message or e-mail I definately do read them. I just gotta put them in my queue. Thank you for being patient everyone. The Glee cursors went into the following section...

Here are a few samples of what was added today.

GleeQuinn Fabray - GleeKurt Hummel - Glee
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