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Cursors For Your Tumblr, Blog, Website, & Windows Computer Mouse!

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Night Diamond Bloody Red Cursor Set

Date: 22 Nov 2011, 12:08 By Tor With 4 Comments
Night Diamond Bloody Red Set

This is a variation of the Night Diamond Cursor Set that was created by theblueguy07. The Bloody Red version also comes with some bonus cursors. It also an .inf installer as well, which makes adding cursor sets to your computer a little bit easier.

Be sure to check out theblueguy07's DA page for more cool artwork and icons as well. This set is sure to be as popular as the other one =D.

Twilight Breaking Dawn Cursors

Date: 21 Nov 2011, 12:58 By Tor With 0 Comments

Twelve brand new Twilight Breaking dawn cursors just added. Also added one of Bruno Mars who sang the ending credit song "It Will Rain". I didn't add as many people from the movie this time, mostly Edward (Robert Pattison) and Bella (Kristin Stewart). Also few other characters and the breaking dawn book cover. You know the one of the red Pawn and Queen chess piece?

I did see the movie already. It was okay, but definately the best one out of the four that I have seen far. The quality (the way it looked) was way way better. The girlfriend says, that it was the best movie because it stayed true to the book. Anyways, the cursors went into the following sections...

Here are a few samples of what was added today.

Twilight Breaking DawnTwilight Breaking Dawn - Bella and Edward WeddingTwilight Breaking Dawn - Bella and Edward Sex

The Elders Scroll Skyrim Cursor Set

Date: 20 Nov 2011, 19:45 By Tor With 6 Comments
The Elders Scroll Skyrim Set

Just added 15 The Elders Scroll Skyrim cursors. The cursors were created by Sireas Gallery who happens to also have a bunch of other cursors as well as icons on her site. She was also the one that created the Angry Birds cursor set on our site as well. Also this one is a full set as well!

Skyrim is the hot new game that just came out recently. I have never played it myself, but the ratings on this game are astounding. Definitely should check it out.

10 I love Cursors...

Date: 19 Nov 2011, 16:09 By Tor With 1 Comments

These were requests from some people who sent me an e-mail or via facebook and tumblr. Some requests I can not do because all cursors have to be 32x32 in size and some ridiculously long name is not going to fit in that. If you want to request an I Love... cursor you can e-mail or message us as well.

I can also make some animated "I Love" cursors as well but it's gonna take a little bit longer, but they do look better. Well, that's it for me this weekend. See you guys Monday. The cursors went into the following sections..

Here are a few samples of what was added today.

I Love 1DI Love JBI Love Him

Nightmare Before Christmas Cursors

Date: 19 Nov 2011, 11:29 By Tor With 1 Comments

Just added 22 cursors from the animated movie "Nightmare Before Christmas" by Tim Burton. This was an awesome movie back in the day. If you haven't seen it, you definitely should check it out. Also this was also part of the game Kingdom Hearts. Among the cursors that were added are is also one Cursor Set of Jack Skellington.

I been adding a lot of cursor sets lately haven't I? It's not gonna stop because I'm aiming for 200 cursor sets by the end of the year. Oh yeah!!! We finally made it pass 10,000 cursors yesterday with the Shoop Da Whoop cursors! Awesome eh? The new cursors went into the following sections...

Here are a few samples of what was added today.

Jack Skellington Cursor SetNightmare Before Christmas SallyOogie Boogie Nightmare Before Christmas

Shoop Da Whoop Cursor Set

Date: 18 Nov 2011, 22:30 By Tor With 1 Comments
Shoop Da Whoop Set

A funny Shoop Da Whoop cursor set was just added into the database. The cursor set was created by Noah-is-1337-at-art. Shoop Da Whoop is an internet meme that originated from 4chan.org I think. Like our rage face comics, people really like these things. I know why...I mean it's funny as hell. The people that come up with these things are geniuses really lol.

Most the cursors in the set are animated, and a few aren't. There are instructions and .inf file that you can easily use to install the cursor with. I for one enjoy Shoop Da Whoop. I hope you guys also.

Spawn, Spiderman, Thundercats, Hellboy, Wonder Woman, Superman and Ironman

Date: 17 Nov 2011, 21:47 By Tor With 2 Comments

A busy day for me today. Today I added 5 cursor sets of Spawn, Spiderman, Thundercats, Hellboy, and Superman. The sets are not complete but only contain four cursors each. Some animated and some not. There are also cursors of Wonder Woman, and Thundercats. These one's are not part of a set.

All the lovely cursors were created by teoiron. He did an awesome job and seems to be very into Comic books. So check out his page for other awesome artwork too! He seems to be very talented. The cursors went into the following sections...

Here are a few samples of what was added today.

Superman Shield SetSpawn SetThundercats Animated Pointer

7 Cute Flying Butterfly Cursors

Date: 16 Nov 2011, 21:57 By Tor With 1 Comments

I recolored our famous Cute Flying Butterfly cursors so that, we can have different colors of it. This one of the cutest cursors we have on here. Now you can have them in, green, pink, orange, red, black, white, and purple! Enjoy!

I thought I could finish updating the animated cursors today, but it looks like I won't be able to finish until tomorrow. If you guys see an animated cursor that doesn't show on firefox or chrome leave a comment on the page so that I can fix it.

Also tomorrow I'll have third option for tumblr users who want to use our cursors. Currently there are two instructions on how to add cursors on tumblr, and some users say they can't get it to work. Hopefully the third time is a charm. The new cursors went into the following sections...

Here are a few samples of what was added today.

Cute White Flying ButterflyCute Red Flying ButterflyCute Purple Flying Butterfly

Cute Cherry Martini and Food Cursors

Date: 15 Nov 2011, 21:55 By Tor With 0 Comments

I found these cursors already uploaded to our site. They were suppose to be added to the site over 2 years ago but I completely forgot about them. The funny thing is, I also have quite a few left too that has already been uploaded but never added to the site. And all of them are animated cursors too. Today's addition is brought to you by Amy. I think she got like 500 cursors now on Cursors-4U.com. Thanks a lot. I added some apples, a teacup, animals in a cherry martini drink and few others.

I got about 1500 animated cursors done and need about 500 more to finish up the animated cursors change that I started a few days ago. Going as fast as I can guys. I think I might be able to finish tomorrow if not, the following day then. The newest cursors went into the following sections...

Here are a few samples of what was added today.

Panda In Chery MartiniHappy AppleTeacup Heart

Some Football Club Cursors

Date: 14 Nov 2011, 18:43 By Tor With 11 Comments

A very small update today. I added 4 football club cursors. The teams are Portland Timbers (MLS), FC Inter Milan, FC Bayern Munich, and FC Barcelona. If you want more teams, just leave a comment. I'm not a fan of football/soccer so I'm not familiar with what teams are popular.

I am about half way done with the animated cursors I think. I still got quite a bit to do, but I should be done in a few days. Going faster than I expected for updating 2000 cursors O_O. I forgot to mention one other thing too. I removed the "Friendster" tab because frankly Friendster is dead. If you got any questions let me know. The cursors went into the following sections...

Here are a few samples of what was added today.

FC BarcelonaFC Inter MilanFC Bayern Munich
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