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Welcome to the new server

Date: 22 Dec 2011, 22:46 By Tor With 2 Comments

If you are seeing this, it means that you are successfully on the new dedicated server that we got from Database By Design. We actually got two servers for potential growth of the site. Thank you once again to wiredtree for hosting us for almost 3 years! I only remember a few down time with them. Hopefully we will have good results as well with our new provider.

Also thanks everyone for visiting Cursors-4U.com for all these years. I would not be motivated to update this site if it wasn't for our awesome visitors! Cursors-4U.com your #1 source for everything cursors!

EDIT. Yes I Know it's slower than a snail. I'm having people looking into it... T_T I just want to update my website...why does this have to happen T_T

Pink Wing Pointer Cursor Set

Date: 21 Dec 2011, 02:58 By Tor With 4 Comments
Wing Pointer Set

A really pretty and uniquely simple Pink Wing Pointer Cursor set just added. The cursors set was created Pi-House. Pi-House is a japanese site I believe that has a ton of cute and wonderful cursors as well as icons for you to download for free. So check out her site! It's really awesome.

I am almost done setting up our new server. I think the server will be moved in a few days. I don't know if it will be faster or not, even though it should be, but I need to do some major tweaks on it once the site is on. I can't tweak it unless there are visitors on the site. The new dedicated server is 2x as powerful almost and it has 16gb of ram and a dedicated mysql server. So in theory it should definately be faster. Lets hope so....

Corgi Cursor Set

Date: 16 Dec 2011, 02:23 By Tor With 1 Comments
Corgi Set

Another beautiful cursor set done by Funny Snowman but this time featuring the very adorable Corgi. According to the wikipedia the full name is Pembroke Welsh Corgi. You can also get more Dog cursors in our site. And of course check out funny snowmans website.

I will be adding more Christmas cursors tomorrow! So come back for those =D Also a quick update on our new server. I'm running into massive problems setting it up. It's really discouraging. I thought it would be easier, but when setting up two dedicated servers into a cluster, it gets more complex I guess =(

Leaf Cursor Set

Date: 5 Dec 2011, 03:23 By Tor With 3 Comments

Today a very simple leaf cursor was added with four animated cursors and the rest normal. There is a total of 19 cursors in all in the set. The cursor set was created by Chee. There is also a few other cool stuff you are get on the site like more cursors and icons. So check out that site =D

Also I'm updating about the two new servers I got the other day. I ran into some problems so I can not deploy them yet. It's all new to me on setting up server clusters so I'm not positive what I'm doing wrong here. Gonna have to ask a few experts about it first.

Lucky Charm Marshmallow Cursors

Date: 29 Nov 2011, 01:26 By Tor With 0 Comments

Today I added 16 Lucky Charm Marshmallow cursors. You know those were the best part of the cereal when you were kid. The icons were created by Lots and Love and Pixels. You can check out her tumblr page or deviantart page for other cool and wonderful things.

I have found two servers, that I want to get and have already ordered one. I will be upgrading our server into Intel Xeon Quad Core Sandy Bridge E3-1270 with 16gb of ram, and 2x 500gb HDD. Also I'm gonna try something new with a 2nd server that will act as a mysql server. It will have the same specs. Hopefully this thing will fly. I will start testing the server soon and will hopefully have it up by the end of the month!

Hopefully no more slowness. But until then, you can get the new cursors in the following categories...

Here are a few samples of what was added today.

Lucky Charms RainbowLucky Charms MoonLucky Charms Heart

Looks like its time to upgrade servers

Date: 28 Nov 2011, 15:55 By Tor With 0 Comments

Man, this sucks, but the site seems to be getting slower and slower everyday. Not sure if it's the crappy CMS that we use, or just a server. But I'm looking to move to a server cluster with probably 4 servers total to handle everything. One frontend server, 2 mysql database servers, and 1 file server.

When the site is slow I don't feel like updating anymore lol. I'm gonna look for a new host probably and if you guys got any suggestions for a good host let me know. I will look into it. I just paid my current host for another month too LOL. Oh well. So poor.

New Dedicated Server

Date: 1 Feb 2011, 04:51 By Tor With 0 Comments

Hi all, I have switched hosts from Burst and now with a company called Superb. I went with them because they offer 4x the bandwidth that Burst does and I have a feeling we will be needing more bandwidth. Also the server is a bit more powerful as well. Because I switched host, I had to change the DNS records which means that I'm not sure how long it will take for the updates to propagate throughout the internet. So I will not be doing any updates for a few days.

If the site images and cursors do not load, that is the reason why. Just be patient and hopefully everything is working 100% correctly. Thanks =D

Edit. 8AM PST 2/1/2011 - Everything appears to be working correctly. Server is working fine. Some people are still not getting the new content however you should soon! Thanks for your support. And hopefully everything is delivered faster on our new dedicated server!

Updating Our Servers

Date: 26 Jan 2010, 05:49 By Tor With 1 Comments

Hello, I just purchased a brand new server to host all of our Cursor files. This will speed up the site and speed up the delivery of our cursors to your site as well =D I am currently setting up the new server and right now you may not be able to download any files from our site until further notice. I'll keep you guys updated...

Edit: 10:35PM PST. Okay I have setup the new server. The DNS is being propagated throughout the entire world right now. The site will probably be down for 24-48hrs. Who knows. Right now all the images of the cursors and downloads are probably not working!

Edit: 11:01PM PST. For the moment I have disabled the browsing of this site! Until our new server can resolve! Please be patient. It should take 1 hour to 48hrs.

Edit: Next Day 8:09AM PST. Looks like the servers are back online and working. It might not for some of you, but in a few days everything should be good.

New Dedicated Server

Date: 24 Aug 2009, 05:17 By Tor With 0 Comments

Sup guys we moved our server to a new dedicated. Our previous server was a Dual Xeon 2.5ghz Harpertwon with 4 gigs of ram. It's a pretty damn powerful server but it lacked ram. So we downgraded the CPU and added 12 gigs of ram. Instead of the Dual Xeon 2.5ghz Harpertown we are using using a Core i7 2.66ghz with faster hard drives as well.

Please report any slow downs or anything of the sort. I'm also looking to get a new dedicated box for handling the file transfer as well. This will speed up the file transfer by like 200%.

That will be in the future though...since I'm pretty broke T_T. Donations please =D

No 100Mpbs Upgrade Going To Happen

Date: 20 Oct 2005, 19:40 By With 0 Comments
LOL...that's right, we are no longer going to upgrade the server speed. After much research (not too much), we do not need a 100mpbs line for this server. Because our traffice level isn't near needing it. And it would be a waste of money to get it...

I will be researching more on servers, and will enable hotliking to the site in a couple of days. Optimzing it, I guess...it's quite annoying, and hard to do. If anyone could recommend me someone who can do this stuff, feel free to. Or maybe I should just reboot the damn server...lol.

So hotlinking still disabled until further notice aights? All downloads and previews still work.

EDIT - 6 Metal Slug cursors were added. This is also a very cool video game. One of the best 2d shooting games ever made.

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